Important Court Updates 1-30-17

Good morning all.

There is a lot going on this week and next that you should be aware of.


    Prem will be holding a Bootcamp on Feb 3-5 from 9-4. He will only be using 3 courts.

    And February 7-8 from 9-11:30 six courts will be used

    We have scheduled with IG for Friday Feb 3, and Wednesday Feb 8 will be FREE to our members because we value you!

    Because of the conflict with courts on Tuesday Feb 7, will we be doing something special.

    We will be having 3 challenge courts on courts 10-12 for Advanced players on February 7th starting at 11:30 after Prem’s clinic. Bring your game on!

    For Intermediate players starting at 11:30, we will be doing King/Queen of the court. A prize will be awarded to the last two players standing on the hill.  See You Then!

  • Change of date for Pickleball 101 & 102: Starting Monday, Feb 6 we will be holding PB101 at 11am and PB 102 at 12PM.

  • Badges: If you have NOT picked up your paddle badges please see Harry at the gate. He will be at the courts this Thursday.

  • Sadie Hawkins Day! This is a repeat of a fun event we held last year. It is a mixed double tournament and you DO NOT have to have a partner. Teams will be set AT RANDOM in three divisions of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, Signups are limited per division so SIGN UP HERE to lock in your spot.

Don’t miss a thing going on Check out our calendar regularly!

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  1. Suzy January 30, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Ken could we please have a dedicated singles court? Obviously if no one wants to play singles it would be used for regular play, Pickleball is not just a doubles game. Many of us would like to practice without having to schedule specific times.

    • Ken Roberts January 30, 2017 at 12:03 pm

      Only if I get to play you and you spot me 10 points. I think that is doable. let me figure out how to work it. Hard to hold up 1 court for 2 people when you have 4-5 sets of paddles waiting for doubles. Suggestions?????

      • Steve Wilson February 1, 2017 at 8:43 am

        As to the comment of singles vs doubles: It is an unfortunate growing pain to have the success of Paddle Ball and the volume of play and players as it has become at Vero Beach .Even providing additional new courts and facilities has been a great plus to promote the game. I believe due to large groups of players wanting and waiting to play you have to cater to 4 players vs 2 player. With that said, you could designate singles for a 30-45 minutes session on a given court.. Court reservations times really are not an option because games are usually played fairly quick. If their are additional players of singles also wanting to play you could plan alternating times every other hour.. and 1:00pm for the allotted time. .I would pick these times only to allow play for the greater peek time play for doubles. It is a difficult task to please everyone all of the time; however with growth comes success. Hopefully this is a temporary transition to a smoother layout of the master plan of keeping everyone in mind.

        • Ken Roberts February 1, 2017 at 9:04 am

          Hi Steve!
          You hit the nail on the head and we know that you have had a ton of experience in this area. Even with 12 courts now we still have the same issue. EVERYONE wants to play from 9am – 11am and I don’t know why. Maybe because it is easy to walk in and find someone to play with. We do have to cater to the 4 player system vs 2. Singles can be played at later times without any conflict. It is not like it is mid July and people play early to get out of the heat. Our suggestion has always been get your buddies together and find another time to play when there is less traffic. It just like building a 1000 car train to run once per day. How efficient is that. The ideal thing is for someone to come forward and volunteer to start a Single time frame where they can all come at the same time and play singles until thier heart’s content. Thanks for your help and comments.

  2. John Tresize January 30, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    I would also like to play singles, although I am not very good at it now. Weekday afternoons are good or when ever there is a court available. How about a singles clinic and drills?

    • Mari Colacino February 4, 2017 at 4:48 pm

      Hey John,
      I’m working on this right now for you guys.
      Mari Colacino

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