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Pickle U Facebook Group Page – Join in on the fun.

Pickle U Facebook Page – Up to date info

SignUpGenius – Create an account or Log In

IRC Intergenerational Recreation Center – Vero Beach Indoor Pickleball – Lots of info here.

Pickleball Rules – Know the rules of the game

IFP Skill Ratings – Click the link to self rate your ability

Pickleball Jewelry  – BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM MADE AND DESIGNED JEWELRY FOR THE PICKLEBALL LOVER IN US ALL! – by Mona Russell, a longtime Pickle U. member.

The Pickleball Guru! – My name is Prem Carnot, known as The Pickleball Guru, author of the #1 best-selling book, Smart Pickleball: The Pickleball Guru’s Guide.

Pickleball Central
 – Use our club promo code of CRVERO at Pickleball Central

 You will get 5% off on purchases and our club earns 5% rewards credits as well!

Pickleball – Your go to for tournaments.

Pickleball History – The Origins of Pickleball: How It All Began

Pickleball Channel – Tips and lessons to help improve your game

Joe Baker’s Doubles Strategy 101 – If you are new to Pickleball then this video is a must watch