The Mission of Pickleball University is to promote Pickleball throughout the communities and schools for the enjoyment, health, and social interaction, by offering and making available avenues for organized recreational, competitive play, and development of all players and to continue to enhance and expand our program and facilities.


A few of our early members started playing Pickleball with portable nets, and chalking off their condo parking lot. They would caravan from place to place to find the best avenue to play Pickleball finally choosing Vero Pocahontas City Park. With a total of 60 members joining,the City felt that Pickleball was a viable sport and decided to install six dedicated Pickleball courts. The courts were completed in early fall of 2015. As the adage goes, build it and they will come, and now with 12 courts membership climbed to over 480 members in just a short amount of time. We offer general play, ladders, open play for specific levels, clinics, beginners 101, lessons and after school and summer programs. We also have social events revolving around Pickleball play. Our goal is to continue to grow the game and provided an opportunity for all players to learn, play and have fun.

CONTACT US:  Play@pickleu.com