Pickleball Info for NEWCOMERS                                                                                    

The Pickleball University is open to all, and we have the friendliest players you could ever meet.  But first a warning:

Pickleball is highly addictive!  It is less a sport than a way of life.  The play doesn’t begin and end on the courts but extends to friendship and fun in the form of social events, community outreach, and opportunities to volunteer and mentor.  Welcome to the fastest growing sport in the USA.  You are in a real, but sweet pickle.

PS:  You may also find yourself making horrible pickle puns.


Luckily Pickleball is a fairly simple game to learn and play and is relatively inexpensive too.  You basically need a paddle, ball and tennis shoes and you’re ready to go. However, there are a few basics you need to do before you get on the courts.

If you are a tennis player (or former) this should be a piece of cake. For others it becomes more of a challenge.  Next (if you are in Vero) you can visit the recreation department office and rent paddles and balls for only $1 per person.

You are also welcome to come to our weekly Pickleball 101 for FREE to see if you like the game well enough to continue. Pickleball 101 is a brief exposure to the game to see if you like it. You do not need equipment and this demonstration will last about 45 minutes.  What’s the next step after 101? Pickleball 102 will help you hone in your skills. Click on calendar for scheduled sessions. 


After the Pickleball 101 introduction, all players are encouraged to become members of Pickleball University. The cost to join our group is $84 for the 2019 year ($36 one time initiation fee and $48 for annual dues). Or you may pay a fee of $3 per day to play. You can sign up online by clicking this link Registration


Description:  All courts are reserved and are available for members to play on Mon-Sat from 8AM to 2PM. Drop-in session will be during Open Play only.

Eligibility: Players must be annual dues-paying members or pay a $3 drop-in fee for each play day in order to play in the drop-in sessions.

Rotation System for Waiting Players: If all the courts are in use, and you are ready to play, place your paddle (with your name on it) at the end of the line in the play rotation box next to the parking lot gate. As the courts become available, the departing players will call out your name for play.  After you complete a game, you will do the same for the next foursome.

Court Assignments: All courts are available for play by any skill level. Players are expected to observe and make individual decisions regarding where they choose to play on any given day.


All players should make themselves familiar with the rules. The official rules of pickleball and much more information about the game are found at http://usapa.org/officialrules/. To see how to play and get free instruction, Google Pickleball on YouTube. 


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US with courts springing up everywhere. To find a complete list throughout the US you can check out “Places to Play” on the national site.

Here are some local play facilities:

  • Vero – Pocahontas Park, Mon – Sat 8:00 AM – 2PM  See Map

  • Vero – South County Park, no set times    See Map

  • Vero – Intergenerational Center –  Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 AM to Noon See Map

  • Sebastian – Schumann Park, Monday – Friday 5 PM.   See Map

Competition Play:

Are you the competitive type? If so, Pickleball may just before you. In addition to the social activities usually found on the courts there are also numerous Regional, State, and National tournaments you can get involved with.

Generally you enter these tournaments by age, skill level, gender or a combination of all. Skill levels range from a 2.5 to 5.0 rating. To see how your skill stacks up visit the USAPA Player Ratings page at the United States of America Pickleball Association  USAPA.org.

To learn more about the world of Pickleball please visit http://www.usapa.org/ and join their organization.

Thank you for your interest. We are here at Pickle U. and we look forward to seeing YOU on the court!

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Check out our Calendar Page for our upcoming events.