Latest Board Minutes

PBU Board Meeting Minutes

6/1/20 (Via FaceTime)

In attendance: Joe Scanlan, President, Chuck O’Hanlon, Vice President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Les Knoesen, Director, RJ MacMillan, Treasurer, Dick Haverland, Director, Jamie Demetrion, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Director, and Mari Colacino, Emeritus

  1. Call to order: 1:22 p.m.
  1. Proof of notice on website and newsletter
  1. Previous minutes approved via email
  1. Quorum established
  1. No old business
  1. New business
  1. Re-opening of newly constructed courts: President, Joe Scanlan, reviewed the document proposal for reopening the courts considering COVID 19 precautions.
  • The wearing of masks and gloves was discussed and decided it would be recommended but not mandated. Players are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blue tape on benches will designate social distancing seating practices.
  • Gatekeepers will be utilized from 8-noon on both gates. We will consider having gatekeepers Sunday and limiting play to members only for the time being.
  • Dennis inquired whether crowd control limits in city may impact play. Joe will contact the city manager and the rec dpt. (Jim O’Connell) to find out.
  • Damaged concrete area that occurred during construction at NW side of courts leading to parking lot will be repaired. Les will follow up with contact and get pricing.
  • Chuck, Claire, and Mari will work on redesigning the PBU sign that designates hours of play to reflect that nonmembers can only play outside of our programs and activities.
  • Official grand opening will be delayed until the fall when snowbirds return
  • Lights will be on timer and go off at 10 p.m. when the park closes.
  • Park gates will remain locked upon completion of construction until inspection is complete
  • Board discussed the possibility of installing a drop box for nonmembers to use after 3 to pay and sign waiver.
  • 101 and 102 programs will be delayed initially on reopening. Individual lessons may occur at coach’s discretion. Board will re-evaluate one to two weeks after opening.
  • Joe made motion to bring John Connor on board as a PBU coach, Chuck seconded and motion passed unanimously. Prior to coaching, He will need to update his insurance and application information.
  • A banner will be created for Go Fund Me donors (Bronze, Silver, Gold levels). Individual plaques will be mounted for lifetime members. The Go Fund Me page for the court construction will be terminated but members will have other mediums to donate to club.
  • A Sign up Genius will be created for the selling of PBU shirts. Claire will consult with Mona Russell to implement and Claire will manage and distribute shirts at the courts after members pay online.
  • Complete re-opening guidelines can be found in the document emailed to all members.

B. Installation of shelter for gatekeeper’s bench: The board discussed various methods to provide some shade for gatekeepers outside of court. Easy Up tents as well as a ‘Bamimi’ were considered. Les will follow up with gatekeeper Joe Walsh to get his input and discuss options.

C. Hiring of Court Manager: The board discussed the need to hire a court manager as the club continues to expand. Board will revisit this at next board meeting.

D. Round Robins scheduled and Coaches Roles: The board discussed moving RR programs to the afternoon during high season beginning in the fall of 2020. RR may remain in the morning in the summer depending on crowding issues. Coaches may be asked to run the RR programs on a rotation basis.

E. Communication to club members: Mari shared that many members do not have a Facebook page and rely on weekly or monthly email newsletters to stay informed. Board agreed that this should continue as a form of communication and Claire will take this over on a monthly basis.

Next meeting: TBD

Meeting adjourned 3:06 p.m. 

PBU Meeting Minutes from 2/15/20

In attendance: Joe Scanlan, Director, Chuck O’Hanlon, Vice President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Les Knoesen, Director, RJ MacMillan, Director, Dick Haverland, Director, Jamie Demetrion, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, and Mari Colacino

Call to order: 2:03

Dennis motioned to approve previous minutes. Dick seconded motion and board approved unanimously.

A. Update on tax returns: Dennis proposes a separate new nonprofit corporation which would serve as a foundation and separate entity to PBU. Since it would be a 501 c 3 organization, donators would get a tax deduction. Our PBU organization does not allow a tax deduction under law. This is something we can consider in the future. Businesses get a business deduction through PBU but individuals don’t. The new charitable organization would be able to make contributions to the City or any other governmental organization. Takes 6 months for IRS to approve this. We would have to develop bylaws for the new organization. PBU would pay for the state filings to set up the new foundation. RJ motioned to start process to set up the new entity. Joe seconded. Discussion ensued.  

How much revenue will PBU get annually? Is that revenue enough to do repairs down road? Mari asked if PBU could donate funds to the new foundation, answer is yes. Motion was voted on and Approved unanimously. 

B. ‘coaches’ agreements’: Discussion on Dennis having ability to speak on behalf of board when making decisions about ‘coaches’ agreements’

Claire motioned to give Dennis the authority to speak on behalf of board regarding ‘coaches’ agreement’, RJ seconded. All in favor and motioned passed. 

Discussion then ensued about collecting drop in fees after the gatekeepers are gone for the day. For example, when afternoon programs are in progress and nonmembers wish to join. How do we police that? The board discussed that starting next year we may start collecting money from nonmembers for all activities. Dick suggested someone checking in every few hours to check wrist bands. 

C. Vero PBU tournament: Dick and Mari have all volunteer positions filled and have meeting on 24th with city officials to discuss requirements. Porta potty will be ordered. 

Heritage has 2 major functions over the weekend of tournament which may impact parking. PBU will not provide food this year during the tournament but there will still be snacks and a hydration center. Lucy Kitcher will also order pizza and local restaurants are an option.

There is a concern that there is no agreement from tournament director about insurance and liability issues yet. PBU insurance does not cover tournaments that are giving prizes so tournament director must provide that. Currently there are 385 people paid registrants and 407 total. Parking has been established at various venues. City will dump trash during tourney at intervals or we will get extra bins. Joe has ordered T-shirts from dink shop to sell and proceeds will go toward lights project. RJ asked if we make money on tourney. We make about 2k on tourney. 

D. City construction permit: Now at Public works and they have all the info they need and are finalizing permit. 

E. Court Lights project: We have involved our attorney in the process with the city. He has communicated with the city that we would like to extend lights contract out to March of 2021 and if we decide not to do lights we will not be penalized. 

F. Alternative venues for PB: during our construction project beginning in May. Chuck has contacted various venues to see where we can play during construction in May. Harmony Reserve, Riverside, pepper park, Sebastian are possibilities and members will be updated as time approaches. 

G. Member only tournaments: Dick suggested to run member only tourney once or twice a year. Discussion about various ways to do this and to encourage members to play at other times of day. Ladder league, RR etc. are already in place in various formats. Dick will coordinate a member only tournament to run possibly in April. 

H Treasure coast spring league: Jamie talked to organizer Jamie Chaus and put it out to members who did not show an interest. 

I Creation of a long-term budget and plan: Dick discussed that we have a responsibility to members to establish a budget and long-term plan which entails making projections and future plans. Joe shared that once courts are rebuilt, we will have a better idea of our income and expenses. We can estimate our revenue by looking at various expense areas, e.g. advertising. Dick proposed we commit to having a budget for next year. Dennis reported that the first full year financials are complete which is a good starting point. We can establish a budget based on that and income from new membership fees. 

K. New membership: Jamie reported that 82 people were on membership wait list and 45 of those have now joined to total 506 total members. Drop ins are down and wait time is generally down. 

Jamie made motion that we open up a new wait list that is limited to 50 and give them a window of time to sign up. Mari made the motion that as of 2/16/20, instead of establishing a new wait list, we open up membership to all. We will monitor the numbers monthly and then Membership will be closed May 1st prior to construction. Jamie seconded motion and withdrew his initial motion. Approved unanimously. 

J Overcrowding and drop ins: This item was in response to a member concern stating that drop ins tend to mostly go to south courts which creates overcrowding on that side. Board discussed and want to encourage people to play on both north and south courts whichever is less crowded. PB101 was moved to one o’clock to alleviate overcrowding on s courts at noon. This will go into the newsletter next time. 

L. Monday morning updates and newsletter: Jamie is looking for a board member to take over these responsibilities. Mona has offered to take this over and Jamie will assist with the calendar which Mona does now.

Other topics discussed:

Les met with Pappas and Joe and Dick. South courts repair will cost less than what we initially thought. Approximately. $109k for north courts and 7,300 for south courts.

Suggestion was made to have a permanent web cam at courts to stream on our website for security as well as allowing members to see the courts throughout the day. Will put on agenda after construction is complete. 

Next meeting March 24th at 2 pm 

Meeting adjourned 4:15 p.m.  

PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Joe Scanlan, Director, Chuck O’Hanlon, Vice President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Les Knoesen, Director, RJ MacMillan, Director, Dick Haverland, Director, Jamie Demetrion, Director, and Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, and Mari Colacino, by phone.

  1. Call to Order 2:05 p.m.

  2. Proof of notice in newsletter

  3. Determination of a Quorum

  4. Old Business- none

  5. Fanette Singer presented to the board and provided information regarding structuring the board and board member roles. Hiring a part time court manager was also discussed.

  6. New Business

  1. Dennis nominated Joe Scanlan as president. Jamie seconded and motion passed unanimously.

  2. Dennis nominated Chuck O’Hanlon as vice president. Motion seconded by Joe and passed unanimously by board. Mari proposed having a co-vice president, but this motion was not supported by the board.

  3. Supervisory duties previously overseen by the president were divided up across the board members as follows: Court banking, RJ; Gatekeepers, Les; Socials, Joe; membership, Jamie; Website/Facebook, Jamie; Newsletter; Jamie, Calendar, Jamie; Happy Hours, Joe; Court Maintenance, Claire; Hospitality, Joe; Tournament, Dick and Joe; Construction, Les.

  4. A motion was passed unanimously to revoke a membership based on the individual’s inappropriate conduct and actions. Membership fee will be refunded to this individual.

  5. Membership wait list and special request from individuals to become full time members. The board determined new membership applications would remain closed at this time, and after Feb 15th, this will be reevaluated, and a decision made. Special request cases were reviewed by the board and decisions made on an individual basis.

  6. Discussion of friends and family fees for drop ins: The board determined to keep the $10 drop in fee for all non-members at this time.

  7. Lights for the courts. RJ reported that FPL are in the process of preparing a proposal for PBU. The club is also exploring other options including using a private contractor to install the lights.

  8. The board discussed the establishment of a capital reserve account in the future where a portion of PBU funds can be segregated and deposited in the account to be used for future repairs on the court and other club needs to be determined by the board. Dennis will oversee this.

  9. Fundraising donations: Dennis proposed that we set up a new PBU corporation specifically for fundraising and then apply as a 501 (c) (3) organization. This will allow members to make a tax deduction on any donations to PBU fundraising efforts. Joe seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

  10. PB instructor agreement. Dennis proposed that the board accept the new draft sanctioned agreement. Chuck seconded motion, all board members were in favor and motion passed.

  11. Non PBU sanctioned coaches: Chuck proposed that only PB sanctioned coaches may teach at our courts and that non- sanctioned coaches may not use our courts to hold lessons. Claire seconded motion and it was passed unanimously by the board.

  12. Jamie made a motion that in addition to our PBU Facebook page, we will have a second page that is dedicated only to PBU events. All member posts and comments will remain on the original page and members will be unable to comment on the event page. Claire seconded motion. All board members in favor and motion passed unanimously.

  13. Dick proposed that for gatekeepers to easily identify members on the courts, they will be provided with a wrist band that must be visible any time they are playing on the courts. Members will continue to be issued bag tags. Joe seconded motion and it was passed unanimously by board.

  1. Adjournment 5:20 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled February 15th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Chuck O’Hanlon, Vice President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Les Knoesen, Director, RJ MacMillan, Joe Scanlan, Director, and Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer.

  1. Call to Order 5:03 p.m.

  2. Proof of notice in newsletter

  3. Determination of a Quorum

  4. Old Business- none

  5. New Business

  1. Board reviewed standings of current board members for next year as 3 of the members terms will be ending March 2020.

  2. All 3 new board member applicants were approved. Dennis made motion to accept all 3 applicants, Jamie Demetrion, Dick Haviland, and Fanette Singer, and Dennis seconded motion. Board passed motion unanimously. They will attend the next board meeting on January 11th 2020.

  3. President position as of January 1. Mari will stay on as advisor after she steps down as president and will continue to assist with tournament and some other duties.

  4. Approval of hire of bookkeeper – Dennis has trained new bookkeeper. She will compile all PBU financials and do monthly sales tax. Discussion ensued and RJ McMillan offered his services as treasurer and to oversee the bookkeeper. He will also pay the bills for the operating account. Joe Scanlan will continue to oversee fundraising account. Dennis motioned that as of the first quarter in January 2020, RJ take over as treasurer. Joe Scanlan seconded and board passed motion unanimously.

  5. Approval of bylaws – Dennis revised the bylaws to give PBU board the power to limit number of PBU members as well as restructure classes of membership and adjust membership fees. Mari motioned to accept the new articles, Chuck seconded and motion passed unanimously.

  6. Update status of insurance/contract with City. The insurance contract with city is final and signed. We have one year to do the current work on courts and then can go back to city to talk about adding lights under a new contract. Les will consult with building contractors to ensure that lights are feasible as project progresses.

  7. Drop in fees – After discussion by board, it was determined that the new drop in rates will be $10 for everybody. A sign directing visitors to the south gate will be posted at north gate. Monthly membership rates may be made available at a future date.

  8. Programs – The new program schedule was discussed and will be posted on the PBU website

  9. Membership Letter – RJ made motion to allow existing members to renew until Feb 15th and then determine total number of members after that. Joe seconded motion and passed unanimously.

  10. Update on website and signs required by the City. The signs will be ready by January 2020.

  11. Court lights costs and donor display. Discussion ensued on approximate cost of lights ($65K)

  12. Dennis made a motion to move fundraising money from checking account into an investment account. Joe seconded motion and passed unanimously by board.

  1. Adjournment 7:10 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled January 11th, 2020


PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Chuck O’Hanlon, Vice President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, by phone, and Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, by phone

  1. Call to Order 2:38 p.m.
  2. Proof of notice in newsletter
  3. Determination of a Quorum
  4. Old Business- none
  5. New Business
  1. Board reviewed the two candidates who applied for PBU board director positions, Les Knoesen and RJ MacMillan. Joe Reid made a motion to bring on both applicants. Chuck seconded the motion and board voted unanimously to pass motion.

Also discussed was nominating additional board members to replace those whose terms are expiring in 2020. This will be pursued in the new year and outlined in our club newsletter with the goal of having new board members join in March 2020.

Discussion ensued on new president to replace Mari who will continue to serve on the board at least until her term is up in February. She will continue to work on upcoming tournament, Go fund Me project, and contract with city. Mari will provide a list of her duties as president so that some of these responsibilities can be allocated out to other board members or club players. The board decided to talk more about nominating a new president at the next board meeting on October 10th when the new board members will be present.

  1. Dennis discussed his desire to allow our bookkeeper the ability to generate financial reports to relieve him of that duty moving forward. The PBU treasurer moving forward would oversee the bookkeeper. Dennis made motion to grant bookkeeper (current or future) more access to our financials in order to prepare and file the monthly sales tax reports as well as prepare the quarterly financial reports for the board. The bookkeeper will not have access to the cash in the accounts. She will be paid an hourly wage. Joe Scanlan seconded motion and board passed motion unanimously.
  2. Future change of bylaws may include staggering board member terms, so they don’t expire at the same time, adding more specific language on who runs the day to day operations of the club and responsibilities of each office/board member, and changing the language if needed about an advisory board to leave it more open for future board members.
  3. Facebook guidelines. Board discussed the current PBU Facebook page and the difficulties in monitoring the traffic on the page. Dennis made motion to limit FB postings on our page to specific club news and events approved by the board. Claire seconded motion and board voted unanimously in favor. Information on this will go out to the membership at a later date.
  4. Courts 7 and 12. These courts are temporarily out of play due to disrepair and safety concerns. Repair will take place by Pappas construction at end of October and is expected to take 2-4 days to complete.

Next meeting scheduled for October 10th at 4:30 p.m.

  1. Adjournment 4:19 p.m.

PBU Board Meeting Minutes


A special meeting of the board of directors of Pickleball University Inc. (PBU) was held on 7/6/19 at 2:30 p.m. at 1055 25thAve. Vero Beach, Fl. 32960. All directors were present in person or by phone, and by such presence and subscription to these minutes, ratify, confirm, and approve all matters conducted at such meeting.

Call to Order: 2:29 p.m.

1: Lease and construction agreements with city were reviewed and questions/concerns from board members were addressed and discussed. The major points to be reviewed at a meeting between the city and our attorney are as follows:

We have questions about the Brightline railroad project and its impact on parking.

  1. In the construction agreement, Article 4.01 talks about future repairs following the renovation project. It is not clear who is responsible for these repairs and needs to be clarified.

  2. In the lease agreement, PBU would like it to be stated that the contractor may elect to work on phase one or phase two of the renovation, convenient to their schedule.

  3. Currently, the lease has no renewal option after 15 years. We would like the option to renew for an additional 10 years.

  4. The termination clause (after 5 years with 30 months’ notice) in the lease agreement will be discussed further with attorneys.

2: Meeting Adjourned 5:00 p.m. Next meeting date TBD.



PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Dick Habeshian, Director, Chuck O’Hanlon, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, by phone, and Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, by phone

  1. Call to Order: 1:40 p.m.
  2. Proof of Notice: In newsletter and on website
  3. Quorum Determined (7 members in attendance)
  4. Previous minutes approved as amended
  5. Old Business – none
  6. New Business
  1. The lease and construction contracts with the city were reviewed by the board. Joe Reid and Dennis Fitzpatrick suggested several additions/changes to both documents. Mari Colacino, President, and Joe Reid, Director, will meet with PBU attorney to discuss changes before re-submitting to city.
  2. A fundraising proposal from an instructor outside of PBU was discussed. After much deliberation,board members voted unanimously that we cannot support or endorse lessons for fundraising, or for any other cause, from instructors not sanctioned by our club.
  3. The rules and regulations for instructors not endorsed by PBU were reviewed as they pertain to teaching at Pocahontas courts. The club leases the courts from the city from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. During these hours, only instructors approved by our club may provide lessons on the courts. After 2:00 p.m. and on Sundays, the courts are open to the public, and instructors not associated with Pickleball University Inc. may coach, while upholding the city’s rules and regulations. Dick Habeshian made a motion to send all non-sanctioned instructors a letter outlining the above rules and stating that a violation may be subject to suspension from Pickleball University club. Motion was seconded by Claire Miller and approved unanimously by board.
  4. Update on Fundraising and PBU accounts:

As of 6/17/19, PBU has raised $136, 385 toward court renovation project. Currently, all the GO FUND ME transactions with the 2.9% + .$.30 per transaction taken out, have been released for transfer to our Fundraising bank account.

PBU savings account balance: $29, 062.46

PBU checking account balance: $2,726.78

Next meeting scheduled for July 8that 1:30 p.m.

Adjournment 3:39 p.m.


PBU Board Meeting Minutes


A special meeting of the board of directors of Pickleball University Inc. (PBU) was held on 5/16/19 at 5:00 p.m. at 1055 25thAve. Vero Beach, Fl. 32960. All directors were present in person or by phone, and by such presence and subscription to these minutes, ratify, confirm, and approve all matters conducted at such meeting.

Call to Order: 5:00 p.m.

1: Documents

  1. Promissory note: Board discussed the $30,000 loan from club member to PBU for use toward phase 1, 2, or 3 of renovation court project. An unsecured promissory note was drafted and signed by Dennis Fitzpatrick, including attorney bar #. Joe Reid made a motion to move to approve promissory note draft, subject to final approval as to specific amount borrowed and the date we take the loan. Mari seconded motion. Vote passed unanimously.

  2. The draft lease agreement and construction license agreement with the city was reviewed by the board and revised in several places. After discussion by members and upon motion by Mari Colacino and seconded by Chuck O’Hanlon, the following motion was approved unanimously:

Be it that RESOLVED that Pickleball University Inc. Draft Lease 5.16.19 and Draft Construction License Agreement 2019.05.02.19go to our attorney with our changes to be written up and for him to commence negotiations with the city.

2: Fundraising

  1. Proposal from club member was discussed. Mari Colacino will respond to member with boards’ feedback.

  2. Claire Miller moved that any member donating $1,000 or more to the court restoration project will receive a lifetime membership with PBU and a roster of such members will be maintained in the corporate records for posterity. Following ensuing discussion, the motion was approved by board unanimously.

3: Meeting Adjourned 7:50 p.m. Next board meeting 6/17/19 at 2:30 p.m.


PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Dick Habershian, Director, Chuck O’Hanlon, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, by phone, and Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, by phone

  1. Call to Order: 2:35 p.m.

  2. Proof of Notice:

  3. Quorum Determined (7 members in attendance)

  4. Previous minutes approved as amended

  5. Old Business – none

  6. New Business

  1. Discussion on clubhouse: Board is exploring a possible venue for use as a clubhouse for PBU members.

  2. Update on fundraising: As of 5/11/19, $128,456 has been raised through the Go Fund Me account. $8,354.00 remains to be raised to complete phase 2. Fundraising efforts will begin focusing on business sponsors as well as offering member incentives by offering a prize competition.

  3. Updates on agreement with city: Our hired attorney has reviewed the city construction agreement and has merged our club’s needs into the document. The lease document requires some revisions and the board discussed these at length and made proposed changes to document to submit to city. Joe Reid will consult with our insurance company to ensure we have appropriate and sufficient coverage. May 22ndis the next council meeting to seek approval for our project and we will request our item be added to the agenda in the event the lease agreement is finalized by that date.

  4. Update on courts: The board discussed and made final decisions regarding the details of the court renovations. These included:

  • Positioning of fences between each court and where the opening will be placed. Each fence will extend the length of the court with an opening in the middle where players can continue to ‘slide’ when a court opens up.

  • Three different colors will be used to paint color of courts : example (light blue for kitchen, dark blue for service areas, dark green on outside ) we will ask for color combinations from vendors.

  • The mesh perimeter fencing will be replaced, and perimeter poles re-painted on north and south courts. A gate will be added between the north and south courts and there will be a center exit and entry for the north and south courts. The total cost of the project will remain the same despite these additional costs as the current lighting bid is less than the original bid.

  • New benches may be added, and various types of benches will be priced before a decision is made. Joe Scanlan suggested benches with a back be purchased. A club member has also offered to build composite benches for the club.

  1. While the courts are under construction, Charles Park and Pepper Park are available for play. We will also have Riverside courts if they can accommodate us. Construction on the north courts may take up to 2 months to complete once initiated.

  2. A County commissioner’s meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 14th to approve the 50kfeasibility survey study at Dick Bird Park.  

  3. Capping Membership numbers at the club may be a future discussion following the renovations.

  4. The board discussed mounting banners to celebrate gold winners from US Open and other national tournaments. It was determined this was not feasible but that winners would be mentioned in the member newsletter.

  5. Safety and etiquette signs will be designed and displayed at the courts. Concerns were raised regarding the importance of wearing eye protection as well as the rules for play during peak times (paddle in box rules).

Adjournment 5:55 p.m.


Special Message:


In order to ensure that our negotiations with the City are professional and in a businesslike manner, the Board Of Directors determined that it is in the best interest of PickleU Inc. to engage the services of a local, experienced attorney to represent us in arriving at the best possible contract terms for the court renovations and beyond. We have selected C. Douglas Vitunac of the firm Collins Brown Barkett to negotiate with the City.
When negotiated, the lease agreement will be posted to the PickleU website

Board of Directors

PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, Dick Habershian, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, Chuck O’Hanlon, Director.

  1. Call to Order – 2:43 p.m.

  2. Proof of Notice. In Monday morning updates and newsletter

  3. Quorum Determined (7 members in attendance)

  4. Previous minutes approved

  5. Old Business – none

  6. New Business

  1. Housekeeping, signing of previous motion passed via email.

  2. Financial Report: Treasurer reviewed quarterly report and board approved unanimously.

  3. Brokerage account opened by treasurer for purpose of depositing donated stocks by club member to go toward Go Fund Me project.

  4. Go Fund Me financials. Discussion about donations to date, and the process for depositing donations. Joe Reid, board member, will continue to deposit checks in PBU bank account over the summer while other board members out of town.

  5. Fundraising proposal by club member. Board discussed the offer from a club member to loan $30k to PBU to be used toward the court fundraising efforts. Discussion ensued regarding how the loan will help us meet our goal of repairing both north and south courts and work toward adding lights to 6 courts. Motion to accept loan in principal subject to the actual note terms was accepted unanimously.

  6. President and Board Members met with County officials. The County made a proposal to bring $50,000 forward from the 2021/2022 budget to do a feasibility study for adding courts at Dick Bird Park. The County would like to start this study as soon as it is approved by the Commissioners in May. The feasibility study should take up to a year. PickleU has serious concerns regarding the limited amount of parking spaces for this project and stated it to the County.

  7. Tournaments: Plans are underway to work in tandem with Lucy Kitchner to host two tournaments in 2020, one in March and one in October.

  8. Dues and Drop ins: Board discussed current membership dues and drop in fees. A short survey will go out to members to elicit feedback before any decisions are made regarding these items.

  9. CPR/AED: An Automatic External Defibrillator unit is now in shed on site at Pochahontas Park. Board voted unanimously to train gatekeepers on CPR at a cost of $20 per person paid by the club. Training will occur at the courts.

Adjournment 5:04 p.m.

Next meeting: 5/11/19 @ 2:30 p.m.

PBU Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, Dick Habershian, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, Chuck O’Hanlon, Director, Joe Walsh, guest.

  1. Call to Order – 2:34 p.m.

  2. Proof of Notice. In Monday morning updates and newsletter

  3. Quorum Determined (7 members in attendance)

  4. Previous minutes approved

  5. Old Business – none

  6. New Business

  1. Non-member drop in players: Joe Walsh reported on the status of ‘drop ins’ at courts. There has been a significant increase since May 2018 with a maximum of 52 on the Saturday over Presidents Day weekend. Discussion ensued about how to manage this issue as it creates crowding on courts at peak times. Input from gatekeepers was considered and a motion was unanimously passed to keep the same procedures and fees for drop ins’ at this time. This will be revisited in September 2019, prior to high season.

  2. Financial Report: Treasurer reviewed January-February 2019 report. PBU needs to be aware that sales tax should be collected on all cashes sales for equipment etc. as well as on membership fees. A motion to add sales tax to all fees taken courtside (check or cash) was approved unanimously. The possibility of increasing fees if made in cash was discussed for next year.

  3. County Contract: The Dick Bird Park proposed contract to build 4 new pickle ball courts was reviewed. Several points were revised and/or removed. A motion was unanimously passed to allow Mari and Dick the flexibility to talk with the county to make the proposed changes.

  4. Proposed renovation of courts and Go Fund Me account: There are several upcoming meetings including one with Park and Recreation on March 12 to approve the Go Fund Me project. Our president will make a presentation to the IRC Commissioners on March 26. PBU members are encouraged to attend the meeting to show their support of our goal. The Go Fund Me website is up and running and the marketing video is complete (thanks Jamie!).

  5. Tournament: Spot repairs on the north courts will commence this week in anticipation of the tournament. We have 411 players attending across the U.S.

  6. The installation of the shed at Pocahontas is still in process. Currently looking for a licensed contractor to complete and approve permit paperwork.

  7. Board members discussed the benefits of having a defibrillator on site at PBU as well as members who are CPR trained. Dennis will follow up on obtaining a defibrillator and look into CPR training.

Adjournment 5:04 p.m.

Next meeting: March 30th@ 2:30 p.m.


January 26, 2019 Board Meeting

PBU Board Meeting Minutes 


In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, Dick Habershian, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Treasurer, Chuck O’Hanlon not in attendance

  1. Call to Order – 2:33 p.m.

  2. Proof of Notice. In Monday morning updates and newsletter

  3. Quorum Determined (6 people in attendance)

  4. Previous minutes approved

  5. Old Business – none

  6. New Business

  1. Financial Report:  Treasurer reviewed February – December 2018 report. Financial statements will be made available on PBU website along with minutes, beginning Jan. 2019.  Official reporting period in 2018 began in February when our club became a non-profit entity. 

Two board members, Joe Reid and Dennis Fitzpatrick will be added as signatories in addition to the president. Motion passed unanimously.  

  1. Repair of courts: Contractor tentatively scheduled to spot repair north courts at end of February 2018.

  2. PBU social events at Pochahontas Park: President of PBU had a meeting with city. PBU is now required to obtain a permit for any food event. Tents must be labeled fire retardant. A fee of $30 will be charged to club if a grill, fire being used with pots, and/or crockpot with electricity is used. No fryers allowed. Fire marshal must inspect each event prior and give approval. Alcohol on premise needs to be approved by the City Council for an event.

  3. Centennial Tournament: Board members, Joe Scanlan, Joe Reid, and Dick Habershian will follow up with historical society, library and local church to secure additional parking for tournament players. 

  4. Court fundraising: Ongoing discussions have occurred regarding the need to completely renovate north courts and previous estimate was secured with Papico Construction Inc. for approximately $105,550.00. An additional $5,000 would be needed to resurface the south courts.  Board voted unanimously to begin exploring the feasibility of such a project, pending clearance from the city, and to set up a PBU Go Fund Me account to raise funds. The board will also explore other financial avenues such as grants (e.g. 

  5. Shed: A permit has been obtained for a shed and it will be delivered and installed on Feb. 2nd, 2019 at predetermined site at Pocohontas Park. 

  6. New instructors: Two PBU members, Dereck Prince and Keri Keen, have recently took there ITAPA II qualification and written exams and will have their final certification in the next several weeks. We are thrilled to have them part of our coaching team.

  7. Banners: Businesses will be charged $25 annually to display a commercial banner at courts.

  8. Memberships: Discounts will not be applied for specific groups. All members pay the same. 

  9. Ironside Press will manage our printing and marketing needs. They have also taken over as our web master to fulfill our needs on our website. They have offered competitive hourly rates. 

  10. T-shirts: 120 orders have been received to date. Last date to order is January 30th, 2019. 

Next meeting: 03/02/19 @ 2:30  

7. Adjournment 5:02 p.m.

November 11th, 2018 Board Meeting

In attendance: Mari Colacino, President, Chuck O’Hanlon, Claire Miller, Secretary, Joe Reid, Director, Joe Scanlan, Director, Dick Habershiam, Director, Dennis Fitzpatrick was not in attendance

  1. Call to Order – 2:33 p.m.

  2. Proof of Notice. In Monday morning updates and newsletter

  3. Quorum Determined (6 people in attendance)

  4. Previous minutes approved, Mari made motion, Joe second.

  5. Old Business – none

  6. New Business

    A. Article will be in the February edition of Vero Magazine by reporter who interviewed PB members at Poco and IG early November.
    B. Finance Update by J Scanlan.

    C. Meeting with IG. 2 plans were presented to board to outline proposals for county and

the outdoor IG agreement. Discussion ensued about proposed hours, logistics, and length of contract. Joe made a motion for PBU to provide 10K grant to county for conversion of one tennis court into 4 pickleball courts. Mike Redstone (county rec manager) will go to county commission meeting at earliest opportunity. Open play proposed between 8-12 Tues, Thurs, Sat. and Mon/Wed 4:00-9:00 for 5 years duration. Claire seconded the motion. Board unanimously voted yes. Other caveats were included in proposal.

Indoor IG – DIck and Mari met with manager of IG to discuss continued agreement for PBU Mon/Wed/Frid from 9-12 on an annual basis. Current agreement may cease if IG determines it is not financially viable for them. Possibility of an annual lease was discussed for PBU.

D. Meeting with coaches. Mari stated coaches have many programs in place and are taking responsibility for 101 clinics both at IG and Poco. They asking for help Sat 12-1 and Wed 12-1 at IG.

E. Insurance. Joe discussed PBU group policy.
F. Windscreens and fences. Windscreen purchased and will be up this coming week.

Fence repairs are complete. $950
G. Shed. City approved shed installation, must be hurricane proofed. Laurie provided 3

vendors with prices. Board approved the purchase from Atlantic Hardscape Supply, Inc. for price of $2045 plus tax installed. A permit will be additional cost. Mari made motion to purchase the shed from AHS Inc. Installed by oak tree next to cooking area or by old gazebo site. City need to approved several departments. Chuck second. Unanimously passed

H. Programs. PUTT will start at 2:00 moving forward. .

I Bulletin Boards.Board discussed a monthly calendar/informational board that could would be renewed monthly for a cost of $125. Other information may include Pics of pros and their bios and club information. PBU will trial a month of the bulletin board information and have gatekeepers monitor traffic to see if it is beneficial to members. Dick made motion to put up banner for Clare to congratulate her for nationals win. She will be asked first. Joe seconded,

motion passed 4-2. Pickleball university’s “Clare Grabher” or something similar would appear on banner.

Next meeting 12/8/18 @ 2:30 7. Adjournment 4:37 p.m.

October 6th, 2018 Board Meeting

Held at: 1055 25th Ave. Vero Beach FL 32960

In attendance:

Mari Colacino-Director

Claire Miller – Director

Chuck O’Hanlon – Vice President

Joe Reid – Director

Dick Habersham

By phone:

Joe Scanlon – Treasurer

Dennis Fitzpatrick- Director

Mari called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.              Quorum was established



1. Previous meeting minutes reviewed by Mari – unanimously passed

2. Elect a President and Secretary – board voted unanimously to elect Mari Colacino as President and Claire Miller as Secretary and Dennis Fitzpatrick as Treasurer.

3. Moving forward the BOD will meet every second Saturday of the month unless otherwise indicated. 

4. Response expectations on emails between board members. If subject line marked ‘Urgent” a response is expected within 24 hours. 

5. Review Finances – Dennis reviewed the club finances and summarized tax rules for IRS (including sales tax on items sold) for which club is responsible. 

6. Club liability and insurance protection – Joe Reid shared his conversation with insurance agent and his concerns regarding individual coverage for person’s teaching or volunteering during club hours. Also discussed liability of members making repairs on the court. It was determined that the endorsements will be obtained from insurance provider and Joe and Dennis will review and will advise board if an attorney should be consulted. Mari Colacino’s name will replace Ken Roberts. 

7. IPTPA coaches’ agreement with PickleU was reviewed and the board voted unanimously to accept.

8. Membership fees – Board voted unanimously to retain last year fees at $84 annually for new members ( $48 and a $36 initiation fee for new members). Existing members would pay $48 annually. Board also discussed the ongoing negotiation with the COVB to possibly expand our control of courts 24/7 under a 5-year contract

9. Board discussed the condition of the dividing metal fences on north courts as well as the perimeter fence on far south courts. Fences are in disrepair and pose a potential safety risk. Dick will follow up with contractor and report back to board. 

10. A windscreen will be purchased to cover the remaining area on fence between north and south courts on the east side.  

11. Chuck and Dick provided an update on IGC. At this point, work on converting tennis court to 4 pickleball courts has not begun. 

12. Claire and Mari provided update on school’s program. PickleU has collaborated with IRCHS to provide a program to students at the school. There is also a plan to provide an afternoon lesson to IRC P.E coaches, possibly in November. The board voted unanimously for the purchase of 3 nets, a case of balls, and a carrying case to be housed at IRCHS and made available to all schools in district. 26 paddles were previously ordered for school program use. 

13. Board discussed the logistics of purchasing a shed to be housed at the club for storing cooking related items. The city was consulted and had no objection. The 8×8 shed would need to be placed in cement to provide hurricane protection. The shed will go by the shuffle board shed. A permit may need to be acquired but the City will help guide us through it. It was discussed that a large locked box may be an alternative and not require a permit. 

14. Board discussed a club member’s suggestion of holding a friendly ‘club challenge’ event where a higher-level player is paired with a lower- level player. Board agreed this is feasible and no objections were made. Event may occur after January 2019. 



Next meeting date:                  November 10th, 2018 @ 2:30 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50p.m.



July 24th, 2018

via conference call

Time of Call to Order

2:01 PM








Quarum >=4 Y____X__ N________


1055 25th Ave., Right off 12th St. 2 PM

Members Attending

Ken Roberts – President

Chuck Ohanlon – Vice President

Joe Scanlan – Treasurer

Steve Rings – Secretary

Mari Colacino – Director

Dennis Fitzpatrick – Director

Claire Miller – Director


Vote on PBU expansion with the county at IG/SCP


Election of new board member Dick Habeshian

Process for succession of president

Role of Advisory board moving

Motion by Ken, 2nded Dennis, passed unanimously

Chuck would rather not, need to find replacement

Part 1: Part 2: Caveats:

$10-12K donation from PU

County has 3 years to fund 9+ courts

Must be open to the public

Maintain a scheduling ssystem

May charge for drop-ins

Proceed with pursuit of $10-12K by PU based on agreement with PU

and county

Timeline: prior to Oct 1, 2018

Motion by Ken, 2nded by Chuck, passed unanimously




Clarification on paddle purchase

Next meeting:

Adjourned: 3:08 PM

Motion was made to terminate Advisory board immediately by Ken

2nded by Chuck, passed unanimously

PB 101 – 24 paddles w/PB 101 inscription

Ken Motioned, Dennis 2nded

October 6, 2018 Saturday 3:00 PM


July 17th, 2018

Pickle U Board Meeting

Time of Call to Order


1055 25th Ave., Right off 12th St. 3 PM

Members Attending

Ken Roberts – President

Chuck Ohanlon – Vice President

Joe Scanlan – Treasurer Steve Rings – Secretary Mari Colacino – Director Dennis Fitzpatrick -Director Claire Miller – Director


Previous Meeting Minutes Approval

Mari motioned, Ken 2nded Unnaimously passed

Old Business

3:02 PM

Mari called to order, Chuck 2nded


Quarum >=4 Y____X__ N________



Review legality of past votes

$3600 approved for court repairs at Pocahontas
Dennis motioned, Ken 2nded, passed unanimously

A discussion ensued to decide court depreciation by Oct 1, 2018

Advisory Board

Singles play accepted with motion, by Ken, 2nded by Joe, passed

Strike 3C, Article 5 from ByLaws, motion


New Business

Bookeeprs roll – Not Required

Club Treasurer

Ken made motion to appoint Dennis, Claire 2nded, passed

Club/secretary/administration position

by Ken, 2nded by Joe, passed


Succession plan for President – Discussion held

Steve agreed to add more duties, including purchasing of paddles and balls

Apprentice paddle for PB 101 discussed, and Steve to get pricing for both

Motion made by made by Ken, 2nd by Joe to look at 24 PB 101 paddles/ passed

Steve to purchase for PB 101 only and any free events

Chuck was suggested being VP

Ken leaving officially Oct 1, 2018

Discussion held noting we have 6 certified instructors plus Prem Carnot

Proposal to be sent to above

Honor Flight

Festival of Trees

Discussion that these are acceptable if run by the person whose idea it is.
Further discussion tabled until next meeting


Pro lessons, qualifications, who pays a %?

Fundraisers – Recurring and new


County Expansion progress


Discussion only:

Fall tournament

March tournament – PU Obligations

Youth School programs

Dues 2019

Housekeeeping : Change of address, PO Box or personal

Other New Business *

South Countky Park at < $12,000

Do we do a revenue share?

Dick Habeshian to make a proposal?

Should we proceed – Next meeting

No, Mari will will be gone until September is go to person

USAPA JUNIORS – Handout Issued

Details for USAPA Juniors Pickleball Committee

See Attachment

$36 iniation fee for new members, yearly dues open for discussion

Change from Ken to PickleU

13th st post office suggested for PO Box

Paddles – Sales tax to be included in sales price

3:00 PM


Next Meeting Date* Time*

Adjourment Time*

Cash at court included

IG is non-taxable

Motion by Dennis, Joe 2nded, passed unanimously

October 6, 2018

5:54 PM Steve Motioned, Ken 2nded, passed unanimously


Pickleball University, Inc.


March 27, 2018

A meeting of the Board of Directors  of Pickleball University, Inc., a Florida 501 (c)(7) corporation , was held on March 27, 2018 EDT) at the home of Claire Miller.

Directors Present:

 Ken Roberts – President

Chuck Ohanlon – Vice President
Joe Scanlan – Treasurer
Steve Rings – Secretary
Mari Colacino – Director
Dennis Fitzpatrick -Director
Claire Miller – Director

Directors Absent:


Call to Order

Steve Rings  called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM EDT and Dennis seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. Steve Rings is recording minutes. A quorum of directors was present, and the meeting, having been duly convened, was ready to proceed with business.

CEO Report

Ken Roberts reviewed the agenda and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Next, Ken Roberts discussed the current status of the company and its progress. A number of questions were asked and extensive discussion ensued.



Ken Roberts  next provided an update on the overall  progress of obtaining new facilities with the following venues discussed:

Leisure Square

IG Center

Harmony Reserve

Parcel on Old Dixie Highway between 12th and 16th streets, which was favored by the Board.  Ken is following up on this site to see the possibilities of developing it.

Current Facilities

Ken discussed the current courts at Pocahontas Park and the need for repair of the north courts (approx cost $3000). Ken will contact Tim Kirven to move this forward. 

Mari Colacino announced we will be holding a Centennial Celebration March 14-17, 2019 with a 4 day pickleball event that is on the city’s calendar of events.

Financials and Bookkeeping

Joe Scanlon next discussed financials and established the date of Feb 1, 2018 as the start date for the newly formed corporation. A motion was filed by Mari,  seconded by Joe, and passed unanimously to look into hiring an outside bookkeeper to maintain our financial records for IRS filing purposes, and internal informational needs. Dennis will contact Brown & Brown in this regard. 

Director and Officer Insurance

Ken presented to the Board approximate costs of $700-$1000 annually for this coverage. Mari motioned that it be done and seconded by Joe, the Board unanimously agreed. Ken will get at least one quote and Joe will contact Brown and Brown, contact is Trevor. Ken to contact K&K Insurance for a quote.

Waiver Review By Attorney

Joe motioned that our liability waiver be reviewed by an attorney and we inquire if a member that is an attorney with that skill set will help us with this process, Mary seconded that motion, and the vote to accept was unanimous. Steve Rings to obtain examples of similar waivers.

Advisory Board

This group was developed by the Board to field suggestions in writing from the members, by discussing and forming a resolution that would either be moved forward to the Board Of Directors for discussion/approval or rejection or returned back to the applicant. All applicants will have a response back.

Their 1st meeting will be April 10, 2018 and attended by one board member.


The Board discussed rewarding faithful volunteers with such items as the Board deems appropriate. Mari approved $50 of various items for the 1st quarter to repeat IG Gatekeeprs as well as T-shirts, including the Pocahontas gatekeepers to show our appreciation, and so they are recognized as those being in charge of play.

New Business

Ken passed out a list of responsibilities that he and Mari currently are performing with positions listed for individuals to assume in the future. Discussion followed with ideas to be submitted at the next meeting.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned by motion of Dennis, seconded by Joe, and vote was unanimous   at 5:24 PM EDT.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Rings, Recording Secretary