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Posted by Mari Colacino 1-1-2018

These are the following dates for singles play from 8:00-8:45. All courts are available 1-12

 Feb 2

Why the rate increase in Dues!

Good question!

As you can see Vero Beach (City of) is actually a very small part of Indian River County. Population wise there are about 16,000 Residents who live in “The City” even though many more have a VB, FL mailing address. The city total is about 13.5 miles of area with less than 11.5 being land.

The services and amenities of the “City” are funded by the Taxpayers (city) in the form of taxes and fees assessed for services and amenities.

Other like recreational facilities in the city and county have usage fees to recoup partial funding of expenses for  these facilities. Some of these facilities include Riverside Park Tennis complex (costs about $5 per session to play tennis), Leisure square, North County recreation areas including the North County Aquatic center, Gun range, several buildings that are rented for special events, Intergenerational Center, The Indian River Fairgrounds, Sandridge golf course and probably more I forgot about.

A better questions is, why do we have to pay ANYTHING for pickleball since it is on government property?

Number one because we can and number two because it is the right thing to do. Many of us have played at the IGC at a cost of $3 per session (3 hours or $1 hr). Our cost is $4 per month or a measly 2.57 ₵ PER Hour we have available for us to play.  For someone who plays at the IGC about 8 times in one month  that is  about 6 months of our dues.

We have had to pay for 6 courts to be redone and 6 months later the city had to redo parts of them and they still are not going to be long for this world. We bought windscreens provided benches, Pay the city rent, buy insurance, paddle racks, etc. And there are still more items that will pop up over time.

Many of the social functions held we have to subsidize because we do not collect enough money to cover the function expenses.  We provide round robins,  ladders and have donated to special causes on occasion.

We would like everyone to play Pickleball and do not want anyone to miss the fun so if finance is a problem please see me and we will make sure you play.

ALTERNATIVES: No one is forcing anyone to play or pay dues. If you do not feel  like you want to participate with our method of operation please do not join. The courts ARE FREE after our arranged times with the city.

posted December 29th, 2017 by Ken Roberts

IGC Schedule for the next 2 weeks!

Mon 12-25 Closed, Open Wed 12-27 and Fri 12-29

Mon 1-1 Closed, Open Wed 12-27 and Closed on Fri. 1-5


posted December 23, 2017 by Ken Roberts


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posted December 23, 2017 by Jamie Demetrion