The Pickleball Advisory Board is happy to introduce the Proposal Form. This form is a method for members to have their suggestions heard.

1. Download the form to WORD on your phone or, computer, or ask one of our members for a form.

2. Fill out the entire form. (If we receive an incomplete form we will return it and ask you to complete the form.)

3. Return to us by using one of the following options:

– email form to

– take a photo of the form and email photo

– return the form to one of the Advisory Board members (see members listed below)

4. If we receive your form by the first of the month, the Advisory Board will review it at the next monthly meeting.

5. All submissions will receive a response.

Looking forward to your ideas!

See you on the courts!

Advisory Board Members

Carol Malicki

Michele Jarvis

Maureen Labadie

Karen Davies

Joe  Walsh

Butch Unger

Russell Martin

 PAUB Form