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PROPOSAL FORM________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

• The Pickleball University Advisory Board (PUAB) meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month.• Submit proposals no later than the first of the month to have it considered at the next


• All proposals must be in writing, using this form, and emailed to puadvisory@gmail.com or hand-delivered to a PUAB Member.

Date: ___________________ (Internal) Proposal #: _________

Submitted by:_____________________________________________________

Telephone:______________________Email:____________________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________________________

  1. What specifically is being proposed?

  2. What are the reasons for your proposal?

  3. What are your suggestions for implementation?

  4. Is there supporting data for your suggestion?

  5. What are the financial implications, if any, for your proposal?

Member Signature:____________________________________________________(e-sign if submitting online)


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