We are now accepting daily drop ins 7 days a week starting at 8am. Please check in at our South gate station to pay the $10 daily fee (in exact change), sign a waiver and receive a wristband. If you have any questions regarding playing or Covid-19 procedures, please speak with a gate keeper.

Our coaches have resumed lessons. Due to Covid-19, our coaches are adhering to safety precautions and limitations imposed by the club.Lessons may be restricted  Ask your coach for further details.

You can find their contact information here. Lessons


More info here: Club Calendar 

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The six-foot, social-distancing rule is encouraged both inside and outside of the court fence.

Members are encouraged to wear masks while waiting to play.

Members should bring hand sanitizers and disinfectants to clean balls, benches, and other surfaces they touch.

Do not handle other player’s equipment. The best practice from USAPA is that each player should only handle their own pickleball if possible. Consider wearing gloves.

Both south and north gates will be staffed with gatekeepers. Please do not enter the courts without checking in with a gatekeeper.

You must wear your wristband and have your bag tag. Wristbands will be available for $1.00 for members that may have misplaced theirs.

The new benches will be marked with blue painters’ tape to indicate where folks should sit. Only 3 people per bench please (social distancing rule). This provides seating for 36 people on the east side benches and 24 individuals on the west side benches. Other waiting players must wait outside the fence.

Members are encouraged to bring personal chairs to use outside the courts. Chairs will not be allowed on the courts.

The donated bag racks will be installed at a later date. Because of distancing of benches, there is currently a lack of space for them.

No standing or milling about inside the fence.

Doubles play is currently allowed. Singles play can take place alongside doubles play.

The “slide rule” will be in effect. So, players must exit through the west gates and walk around to the east side.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please be safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your new facility. Be proud of what all of us have accomplished.

The link below is to an excellent PBS video about COVID 19. This is a non-political video and very informative. Don’t get bogged down in the math as there is a good comparison between Philadelphia and St. Louis. Please watch the video to the end.

PBS video