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Additional Information for members and guests

For those that are playing in the tournament or want to come watch, here are some things to know. Please pass this notice on to anyone that is playing in the tournament that are not members.

Heads Up! We are going to be tight on parking. Please review the map below and park in the blue areas if you are going to be staying longer than three hours. We can NOT park by the Chamber of Commerce front area on Thursday and Friday. That is reserved for employees. There is a two story parking area about two blocks from Pocahontas that has ample spaces or by the yellow train station. There are 70 spaces. It is about one block from the courts.

Laura will he serving chicken sliders and sides on Saturday, and Sunday, Walter will be serving sausage and peppers. Sean Ryan’s will have discounted coupons available for tournament players for food on Thursday and Friday.

Bring your water bottles. You can refill your water bottles at the hydration station. Lucy will be selling water as well for $1. We also will have bananas. Gary Carmichael always provides us with a surprise for a sweet treat.

Bring your chair and set it up on the sidewalk on the WEST side of the courts just like we did for PickleBOO. You will have great viewing. Just make sure people can walk past.

Lucy Kitcher will be stationed under the gazebo. You will go there to report your scores and report there when your name comes up for your match. IMPORTANT: You will be notify by text when your next match is. Make sure you or your partner has a fully charged phone to receive these texts.