Pickleball is highly addictive. It is less a sport than a way of life. The play doesn’t begin and end on the courts but extends to friendship and fun in the form of social events, community outreach, and opportunities to volunteer and mentor. We are friendly and generous group. We will ease you into the sport and have your back as you learn the game and become a part of the fellowship.

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At Pickleball u. we offer a wide variety of ways to enjoy the sport. Starting with Pickleball 101, our beginners introduction to the game to Pickleball 102. There is plenty of open play available, we offer clinics and lessons to help you improve your game. Stop by and check out the fun. We welcome new members!

As we like to say “Welcome to Vero!”

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Pickleball is only a part of the curriculum at The Pickleball University. If you think the on-court action looks like fun, wait until you check out the off-court scene.

Events are planned throughout the year usually around the holidays. Some occasions are tournaments, others social, but most events hinge on great food and good times.

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New to Pickleball?

  • Pickleball is a fairly simple game to learn and play

  • Relatively inexpensive, you basically need a paddle, ball, and tennis shoes

  • Pickleball is a piece of cake for tennis players (or former)

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Visit our What is Pickleball? page for more detailed information.

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